Ancient City of Side

Ancient City of Side

You do not realize how the time flies in the theater, agora, temples, baths and columned street of the ancient city of Side, a region bearing the traces of the Roman period and is pulsed with history. If you wish, you can also take a look at our article “Take On A Journey to the History of Civilizations, the Ancient City of Side”.

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Side Amphitheater

Side Museum

Agora Bath, which was an extremely magnificent structure in the Roman period, serves as Side Museum today. If you happen to pass by Side, you must visit Side Museum before you go back. The striking sculptures, sarcophagi and many other artifacts in the museum consist of artifacts unearthed during the excavations in Side, and must be seen.

Side Devlet agorası": Devlet Agorasi, Side, Türkiye - Tripadvisor

Manavgat Travel Guide

Manavgat, the second largest district of Antalya, is a quiet and pretty town surrounded by Taurus Mountains from the north. Being a much quieter and more peaceful town compared to the popular districts attracting too many tourists in Antalya, Manavgat is one of the first preferred destinations for those looking for silence and serenity during their vacation. There is a lot to visit in this peaceful town, behind of where paramount shadow of Taurus Mountains casts and the face of which greets the Mediterranean. Above all are the waterfalls, which are the first to come to mind when it comes to Manavgat.
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